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Slavery = Climate Change?

Today (25 March 2007) we have had services and commemorations of the 200 year anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in Britain. Someone remarked that what Wilberforce did 200 years ago, in wanting to abolish the slave trade, would, today, be similar to saying we should abolish cars. He did it. The reasons put up against abolition of slave trade (Speech by Bannister Tarleton, MP, sugar estate owner) are not dissimilar to the excuses for not taking action to reduce road usage or curb air traffic:

Abolition of Slavery Reducing Road Use and Air Traffic
Slaves are not really badly treated. Driving my car doesn't do any harm. And in any case, it's not certain that climate change is man-made.
If you continue the debate about abolition you will repeat the Haiti slave revolt in Jamaica (a British colony of the time). You will just upset the drivers if you tell people to change their behaviour.
What else would Wilberforce abolish: theatres, dancing, fun, etc.? They'll be wanting us all to wear hair shirts next.
If the slave trade is abhorrent to God, why does the Church of England own sugar plantations? "Show me a climate change activist and I'll show you a hypocrite" [Daily Mail, March 2007]
Slavery has been in existence for thousands of years. We've been using cars for ages without problem.
Cultivation of sugar and cotton 'raises' the negroes. The developing countries have a right to what we enjoy.
Wilberforce would throw negroes back into barbarism. They just want to prevent developing countries developing.
There would be a 7 million loss to the British economy (a million those days, 1807, was huge) Any restriction on road use or on air travel would damage our economy.
Great cities like Liverpool would be ruined. We must have the fifth terminal at Heathrow so that it can be a hub airport like Amsterdam and Paris.
The trade, with all its wealth, would be taken to France. If we don't produce things, then they'll just be produced in China? And does not China built a coal-fired power station every week?

Since hearing the above, I have read Eric Metaxas' book Amazing Grace about the life and work of William Wilberforce. There are many more parallels between the two situations than those excuses above. I have tabulated quite a number of these.

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