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Jesus Christ made abundantly clear what was already apparent in the Jewish Scriptures, that God is concerned with attitude of heart, more than with behaviour or its consequences. Attitude of heart is what generates behaviour and consequences. Call it 'mindset' if you prefer.

I found myself rejoicing when the USA bombed one of Syria's military air sites after the chemical attack by the Syrian forces against rebels, last week (April 2017), despite my concerns. Teach them a lesson, I thought. Now the Americans have dropped the 'mother of all bombs' on an Islamic State bunker in Afghanistan, and are threatening North Korea, I find myself a little worried. Will this merely strengthen IS followers in their resolve against the 'satanic bully'? Great shows of strength but maybe counterproductive in their long-term consequences?

Behaviour and consequences - do they not come from attitude of heart, from mindset?

What is America's mindset or attitude of heart? Is it not the selfishness of the arrogant affluent? "America first" shouted Donald Trump, the new president. Yet are not the wealthy expected by God to use their wealth for the good of others? Will "America first" impress the God before whom "the nations are like a drop from a bucket, like fine dust on the scales"?

Yet is it only the new president Trump and his followers who have this selfish, arrogant-affluent mindset? Did not their predecessors have it, albeit manifested in different ways? Were not the followers of the previous liberal individualist agenda arrogant in their hegemony in politics and intellectual life?

Both regimes failed in their responsibility for the planet. Donald Trump is explicitly rolling back environmental laws; Barak Obama was merely half-hearted in instituting them. Are not no-heart and half-heart almost as bad as each other in God's eyes?

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