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Making Problems

The Vikings came from the north and conquered northern France and set up a society composed of an elite warrior class over and above the rest of the people, who had then to work twice as hard to feed and supply them. These 'Normans' conquered England and set up the same societal form: an elite class over, and separate from, and despising, the rest of the people. This horizontal stratification of society resulted in the English class system, which has caused mischief in human relationships and is still with us today.

This page collects instances of where humankind has generated a (major) problem that causes long term evil and harm. The causes are several, such as arrogance, unconcern for the poor, idolatry, extremism, unbalanced view of what life is about, and general self-seeking of various kinds.

It is companion to the page which collects instances of where humankind tries to solve problems but ultimately fails. Both pages are part of some personal research into the long-standing Christian doctrine of 'Original Sin'. It looks at 'original sin', not as a doctrine but as a human condition, not theologically but anthopologically. The quotation that sums up the theme of this page is:

"The Lord saw that all mankind's heart turned to evil continually."

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Part of his pages, that open up discussion and exploration from a Christian ('xn') perspective. Written on the Amiga with Protext.

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