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Summary of what we believe about salvation:

The volitional act of accepting Jesus has become hugely important to evangelical and other Christians. Partly because Jesus told Nicodemus "You must be born again." Partly because of the very plausible reasoning that we are talking about something that is eternal and thus of infinitely more importance than a mere few years 'down here'.

Whether one likes or dislikes these summaries, they are problematic yet contain some important truth. It is not that they are wrong (except, IMHO, on one point) as that they are partial, suited to one particular cultural or human context and not the entire truth.


First, the problems with 'accepting Jesus as Saviour and Lord' as the only way to attain salvation.

Now, in bringing these problems into the open I am not trying, like an old-fashioned liberal theologian, to deny the fact of salvation or to propose universal salvation. No: I'm trying to understand things from God's perspective, that goes across all times, situations, contexts, cultures, etc. I'll never reach it fully, of course, but at least I think I have something that satisfies me more.

A Proposal

I see salvation a bit differently now. But, I believe, in a way that encompasses the spirit at least of what is set out in the first paragraph.

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