Harm, Evil and Sin

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  • Sin causes harm throughout the interconnected creation. Great harm, long-term harm, indirect harm, hidden harm, unexpected harm, multiplied harm, spreading harm, and irreversible harm.
  • Therefore sin is important, not just an unfortunate irritation on the skin of history.

  • However, sin is not inherent in the creation; i.e. no dualisms. The creation was originally made Good. Sin then entered.
  • Sin is not eternal; it will be removed; therefore we, and the whole creation, has hope. Even though it might take thousands of years to remove it.
  • God will act and is acting to remove sin.

  • Sin is centred in the human heart; it is not a property or attribute, but some deliberate deep-action.
  • (Moreover and even so, sin has corrupted the non-human part of creation too.)
  • Sin is an orientation, and emerges as bad thoughts, attitudes, actions and words; it is not primarily those thoughts, actions etc. themselves.
  • Sin must be repented of, not just stopped (because it is orientation and not just actions, and because it is centred on the individual human heart and therefore repentance must come from the individual as a (willingness for) re-orientation).

  • Therefore God is more concerned to root it out than to prevent it.
  • He wants to expose the orientation, so as to cure it, rather than to prevent the actions.
  • Therefore God often works to make sin explicit and visible in our lives, rather than covered up; e.g. to Abraham he said he would wait till the sin of the Canaanites was in full measure.
  • (Note the justice of God in this; he will both give a chance for people to turn, and also will not wipe out until it is deserved.)

  • Humankind cannot solve the problem of sin
  • So only God can solve the problem of sin, and he does so For more on this see ways of dealing with sin.
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